Virtual Churches: VR is Becoming the Future of Religious Technology


The average person will look at virtual reality (VR) technology, then look at religion, and wonder how the two could ever align. After all, one follows ancient principals and teachings, whereas the other was borne from a technological period where anything and everything possible.

However, all it takes is for one part of both virtual reality and religion to align, and you have a future where both can exist together – and even help each other. That strand of similarity is the connection to the people.

Cast your mind back to The Great Awakening, a period in the 1700s when eyes were being opened to religious possibilities. Pastors shared their prayers and faith with young people, who in turn went forward and relayed the message to their elders. Like a virus, word spread, and religion became a significant part of many people’s lives.

The same is happening with virtual reality and VR videos. Word is getting out about the possibilities – both religious and in our everyday life, and it’s beginning to show that it does have a place in our churches, bringing about a virtual church revolution.

The Possibilities for Enlightenment

One of the main reasons why virtual reality and VR videos can become commonplace in a church environment is by enabling those who are yet to join to join a faith to experience it for themselves. With the help of VR technology, you can feel the power and spiritual healing, all by immersing yourself in a three-dimensional world.

VR videos and virtual reality can also do so much more. You can explore a church’s interior before you step indoors, be a part of a gathering without ever leaving your home, and find out as much real-time information about a congregation before you decide to align yourself with it. Virtual reality and the resultant VR videos are offering you a chance to learn about faith without the daunting prospect of attending a church first.

How Do VR Videos and Virtual Reality Work in a Church?

Believe it or not, some churches have already welcomed virtual reality and VR videos with open arms. Church Online, an online church was one of the first to embrace the technology. They have already developed a platform to work alongside their regular services. SecondLife, an early virtual reality platform, even have churches you can explore in an online world. There is now also a church called The Virtual Reality Church, using AltspaceVR for an all-inclusive 360-degree service.

It’s almost like we are in the middle of The Great Awakening once more. You can experience religion, faith, and church like it has never been experienced before, with a few people leading the revolution to share it with the world. Could it be time to purchase a VR viewer and bring your church into the virtual reality era?

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