3D technology can bring your explainer videos to a whole new level of excellence. 3D animated explainer videos allow you to walk your viewers through anything, including how your heart functions. The technology actually brings out things so clearly you might think it’s the real thing. 3D technology also makes your explainer videos a lot more interactive and engaging compared to when using text or other kinds of explainer videos. Below are the main applications of 3D animated explainer videos you should know:

3D animated explainer videos are used in scientific and medical education

3D technology is a game changer today because it can be used to teach things that may not be seen with the naked eye. Institutions faced big challenges when it came to teaching things that could not be demonstrated live or using video. It was simply time-consuming, energy-draining and complicated. 3D animation has enabled individuals and institutions in the medical and scientific field to teach these things easily.

3D animation explainer videos are increasingly being used for demonstrations

Post purchases explainer videos and how-to videos are the most popular videos that engage viewers. In the recent few years, it was hard to demonstrate things using these videos. But the introduction of 3D has made it way simpler. People can now demonstrate a wide range of things, including time lapses, movements, and tangible content.

3D animation explainer videos are used in design and architecture

This technology can still be used to demonstrate things that are easily visible in a clear, more appealing and engaging fashion than real-life video or text. The use of 3D technology is popular in the field of architecture, as well as design. Various design and construction processes can be explained easily using this technology.

3D animation explainer videos facilitate visualization

It becomes complex when a doctor wants to demonstrate how a heart operation is done. But with 3D animation, it has become easier than ever. The 3D technology is able to bring out a visual representation that mimics a real heart, and the doctor can be able to demonstrate the operation procedure in a clear and engaging way. Also, the 3D technology can simplify images in animation, making it easier to teach about a particular task.


With all this applications, it’s easy to see why 3D animation is the next big thing. So this is reason enough to use 3D technology to make your product explainer videos. It can increase your conversions 2fold if done right.