The awesome thing about explainer videos is that they not only explain your product or service, but also boost your SEO. As a result, your site will get more views, more links and better results for your target keywords. And the benefits don’t just stop there; when prospects land on your site, SEO metrics, such click-through rate (CTR), bounce rate and dwell time improves, and this results in better search engine ranking for your site. Without further talk, let’s see how explainer videos increase your SEO:

1.Explainer videos generate a lot of inbound links

Explainer videos can be shared on different platforms on the internet, including social media. When people share your explainer videos, you get absolutely free promotion, and this is an indication that people actually like them. Shared videos bring a lot of traffic and inbound links to your business website, and this boosts your search engine ranking. Besides boosting your SEO, shareable explainer videos can help you get buzz for your business online. A lot of buzz tends to increase brand recognition.

2. Google like explainer videos

Explainer videos and other types of videos are given priority when it comes to search engine rankings. And if you upload your explainer videos on YouTube, you will be in an advantages position because Google owns YouTube, so videos uploaded on it are given preference on search engine results. This explains why when you conduct any search these days; you’re likely to come across YouTube videos in your results.

3.Explainer videos increase dwell time

While SEO experts have not been able to tell, for real, the factors that increase search engine rankings, most agree that dwell time is a Google ranking factor. When people stay longer on your site, it’s an indication that the content you provide is valuable, which means people are reading it to the end. So if visitors can stay longer on your site, your search engine ranking will increase.

Explainer videos are designed to keep your clients glued to them to the end, and when embedded on your landing pages, it will help increase your search engine rankings.

4.Explainer videos increase click-through rate

Click-through rate is the number of visitors on a web page that follow a hyperlink to a specific page. A high click-through rate can boost your SEO because it means your content is interesting, entertaining and valuable. To increase your site’s click-through rate, place your explainer videos on your homepage, and landing pages.


Generally, video is very important for SEO. It has a unique way of attracting and retaining prospective customer on your site. That means any marketing strategy that does not include video of any kind is missing out on a lot of traffic, and sales every day.