If you are planning to work on a video project, using the right music can be the key to a successful video! Read and learn where to find free music for explainer videos!

Looking for a production music for your next video project, an explainer video, video presentation, school project or a podcast? Look no further as you have come to the right place. Using the right music can mean the difference between a successful video and a poor-done video, however, finding the ideal use is not easy.

You can always pay and get a customized track especially for you, but keep in mind that it can cost you thousands of dollars. Are you ready to pay that much for a song for a 2-minute video? A lot of small business owners and marketers aren’t. If you are one of these people as well, don’t worry because we are going to present you the best websites where you can find amazing and free music for your next video project.

However, before you get the free music, download it, and use it, it is really important to know if you have the right to use it for your project. What does it mean exactly?

Well, using copyrighted material in your explainer video may seem like a small mistake, but please keep in mind that it is illegal and can get you into a serious trouble. You probably are asking yourself – how to make sure that the song you have chosen is acceptable to utilize in your video?

When downloading free music for explainer videos, the most important thing is to understand exactly what licenses are available and most importantly making sure that you follow the rules and conditions of each license.

https://squareship.com/explainer/ will help us understand how to make free Music for Explainer Videos for your company.

There are 3 types of licenses for music use:


  • Public Domain Music – This type of license has no usage or copyright restrictions which sounds great, however, it only applies to things that are published in or before 1922 or unless the creator of the music has given away all rights.
  • Royalty Free Music – This type of license allows you to buy a single license for the utilization of a piece of music and use that same music without additional attribution.
  • Creative Commons Music – This is one of the most popular ways of finding, downloading, and using music. There are a lot of Creative Commons licenses that allow you to use music for free.

Before you decide on the type of license for music use, you need to determine whether your video project is commercial or not.

If the license requires an attribution, it is really important to use the correct way to do it. When attributing the work, you need to include essential information such as the title of the track, the creator of the music, the URL where the music can be found, and the type of license that is available under.

Now that you know the types of licenses and you know how to attribute the work, the next step is to find the right music for your explainer video. Considering the fact that there are so many options available, it can be really hard knowing where to begin.

Some of the best online resources that can provide you with free music for explainer videos are Jamendo, CCTrax, Free Music Archive, Vimeo, HearThis, Freeplay Music, Soundclick, Incompetech, Musicopen, CCMixter, TeknoAXE, TrackTour Music, and iBeat.

Once you will find the perfect music for your explainer video project, understand the terms of the license you are utilizing.

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