Keyword is essential for explainer video’s SEO; it not only makes your videos visible on the internet, but increases conversions as well. Optimizing your explainer videos using keywords means that users searching for those keywords will see your website first and they will likely click-through your hyperlink to get into your homepage or any other page. That’s why you have to ensure that keywords are included in your explainer videos. Here are ways to optimize your explainer videos with keywords:

a.Create custom thumbnails for your explainer videos

If you intend to upload your product explainer videos on YouTube, don’t let the platform choose a thumbnail for you. You’ve dedicated almost every ounce of your energy, spent a lot of time and money to create interesting and compelling explainer videos, so don’t let YouTube ruin your effort. Thumbnails have a huge bearing on SEO and if you can create your own customized and engaging ones, the better. To create your own compelling, customized thumbnails, search for an engaging moment in your explainer video and highlight it. Include a bit of graphic text. Just don’t overdo it. Also, use text that’s easy to read even when your image gets contracted to thumbnail size.

b.Optimize your explainer videos’ metadata

Metadata includes meta tags and meta descriptions. This is where you can make use of long tail keywords. Make sure your meta tags and meta descriptions include your main keywords. However, the description shouldn’t be too long. Keep the word count below 160 characters. Using the right keywords in your meta tags and meta descriptions can really boost your SEO.

c.Optimize your explainer videos for mobile

Statistics tell the story; about half of the people who search for products and service online use their mobile devices. It’s no wonder that many are watching videos online using their Smartphones. And due to the proliferation of Smartphones, this figure is projected to go up in the next year. So to ensure you don’t miss out on prospective customers who use their mobile devices to search things online, you’ll have to optimize your explainer videos for mobile. This will allow prospects to watch your explainer videos conveniently, that is, without having to adjust their screens.

d.Create quality explainer videos

In this day and age, quality is the currency if you want your explainer videos to rank high on search engines. No prospect will take their time to watch poor quality explainer videos. And if people are abandoning your explainer videos, your search engine rankings will suffer.


Before you even apply these explainer video optimization techniques, take the time to reflect why you want to create explainer videos in the first place. Of course, the main reason is to offer value to customers and nurture leads. A top-notch explainer video does both.